The Presidents of the Chamber of Filipino Drug Manufacturers and Distributors, Inc. (CFDMD), Association of Drug Industries of the Philippines (ADIP), Association of Philippine Manufacturers (APMan) and Filipino Drug Association (FIDA) understood the power of a single voice to advocate the interest of the Filipino pharmaceutical industry in a then foreign-dominated pharmaceutical market.

In March 2004, through the resolve of the leaders of these four Filipino Pharmaceutical organizations, the Philippine Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry was formed.

Its’ Vision of A Competitive Filipino Pharmaceutical Industry and a Mission to Enable the Filipino Pharmaceutical Industry to Lead.

Under the stewardship of our leaders and the critical support of its members, PCPI is over 100 Filipino-owned companies strong. More importantly, PCPI is recognized as the “one and sole” voice of the Filipino Pharmaceutical Industry

As the sole voice, PCPI proactively engages relevant stakeholders to take action on its advocacies. We are grateful that government and the private sector seek our position on issues relevant to the Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry. We continually bring the Filipino’s interest into the paradigm of those who craft the policies that govern our industry.

Confidently, PCPI can state that in the years since its’ birth, Filipino-owned pharmaceutical companies have taken the lead in providing the Filipino people with pharmaceutical products that meet global standards.

Founding President



I wish to welcome you to our newly updated PCPI website.

As we work in creating a more inclusive industry, we are moving into developing a roadmap that will help guide us create a more self-sufficient local pharmaceutical industry.

We are also working towards enhancing both our local and regional networking so that we can create together value that will enhance the business of our members. Hence, this year we will be having our first PCPI business matching conference on July 24 at Eastwood Richmode Hotel.

We have initiated this keeping in mind the interest of our members so that they can further improve their businesses and update ourselves of different opportunities and technologies through partnership.

We continue to look forward for a more cohesive and united association driven by steadfast and proactive members.

Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions in this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PCPI President